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I am a teacher at a local elementary school.  Over the past six years, I have had a number of students come to my classroom from kindergarten programs other than our own.  Over the years I have witnessed a noticeable advantage in students who transfer from Garden Gate Montessori.  Students from Garden Gate bring with them a sense of wonderment, adventure in learning, and the ability to value thoughtful reflection in their work.  These children come ready to accept failure as part of the learning process and have the ability to build on experience.  The education they receive from Garden Gate allows them to have concrete experiences in which to base connections to conceptual concepts.  I love the foundation for knowing how to be a learner that children receive from Garden Gate.

When I saw this card at the store and saw the sunshine and rainbows it made me think of Garden Gate! 🙂 The flowers with the hearts made me think of the “love” you give out daughter!  They also made me think of all of the wonderful ways you helped her “grow.” (not in height..haha) The experiences she has had have been so wonderful! We have seen such a difference in her over the last year.  They all bring such a smile to our faces.  She is so cute setting the table…and putting everything in the right spot!  And when she sings songs in Spanish… she is only 3 1/2 -WOW!  We cannot thank you all enough.  Love, The F Family.

Dear Teachers at Garden Gate

We are forever grateful for the love of learning that you have instilled in our son.  The foundation you have built upon him will take him as far as his dream can conceive.   He has learned so much since attending Garden Gate.  You have made a huge influence in his life and taught him that the sky is not the limit.  Thank you very much!    The S Family

My son started attended Garden Gate when he was 3 years old until he graduated last year! I can’t say enough good things about this school and their curriculum which taught my son all manners of scholastics (ABC’s, Math, Science, Spanish, Art,) but also manners and social etiquette. My son so well-behaved and I feel like I can take him anywhere. He is very helpful and considerate of others and I contribute a lot of that to his education at GGMS. He also learned to speak and understand Spanish while he attended. Another benefit was the amount of confidence that he gained over the years. All in all, I feel like my son is well rounded because of GGMS and will be sending other children there as well. I would recommended the school to everyone I know. It’s an amazing place that truly cares about the individual child!

Thank You

Megan A.

My Husband and I have seen our son learn more in the last few months at GGMS than he learned last year at a different Pre-School! He has also learned manners, confidence and patience. GGMS was recommended to us from friends and we HIGHLY recommend GGMS to EVERYONE!!


Dana & Jason M.

Dear Garden Gate Folk,

I enjoyed Garden Gate soooo much for my daughter (Who is almost 9) and my son (who is now is first grade) my third grader is in all accelerated classes, and performing fabulous in every aspect of her education! She is an avid reader, and has actually hit 100% on many standardized tests that she takes in the public school. Great Job GGMS.  My first grader just left GGMS and he is well balanced and doing great in school. He loves homework and his teacher, and I appreciate his energy for learning.


Roberts & Joy B.

Our daughter, has attended GGMS since she was 3 years old! She was always a sharp child. Since she started at GGMS her knowledge and comprehension abilities have amazed us even more. The teachers have taught her so much. She articulates very well and has learned everything from counting by tens, to pouring and sorting, Math, Science, Reading, and Spanish.

The teachers are VERY caring and professional. You can tell they love children. Our daughter looks forward to going to school every day! GGMS has had to tremendous positive impacted on our daughter’s life. They have taught her the love of learning!


Patty & Rob G.

Garden Gate teachers,
Thank you for all that you have done for our daughter this year! Your Kindness and love for your students has helped our daughter to grow and learn. We will all truly miss you next year. Hope that you all have a great summer.

Thanks for everything,
The R Family

Thank you very much for providing a safe, friendly & fun environment for the friends at GGMS.  It is such a relief as a parent to wake up each morning with a child that is excited to go to school, and that is a reflection on all of you, the teachers.  Everyday, I come home to a smile on our daughter’s face and she cannot wait to tell me what she learned that day!

Thanks Again

Carrie & Aaron V.

I Can’t express enough how much you have touched our family, especially REESE. I could not have asked for a better preschool experience! Thank you, Thank you! For everything!! We will miss you next year.
Love Reese+ Her Family