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Montessori learning materials are all carefully
designed to help children understand the world around them.
The materials help lead the child through concepts      plainfield-montessori-learning
that are abstract and enormous, however, the tasks and learning are filtered down to an accessible level. The materials help the child understand where they may have gone wrong and enables him/her to work out ways of correcting himself/herself without being “told” how to do so. This helps children to develop
confidence in their own abilities as problem solvers and increases the satisfaction they feel in their own success.

Montessori curriculum addresses a range of learning and experience that focuses on six core areas of learning: practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, cultural, and creative activities. Carefully structured activities in these areas, using specially developed Montessori equipment, make it easier for the child to acquire a wide ranging set of skills and knowledge that will support all their future learning.